FC Kapina ry is a football club from Mäntsälä, founded in 2015. The club currently hosts eight junior teams and two adult teams. We also arrange football-themed "activity camps", and recreational activities for 5-7 years old children, as well as for girls aged 8-12 years. The club has more than 170 active members. We are a member of the Finnish Football Association (Suomen Palloliitto).

FC Kapina's primarily trains at the Hepola school field, and Kirkonkylä school field in Mäntsälä downtown area. FC Kapina has built artificial turf surface on both football fields as voluntary work.

FC Kapina's home jersey consists of a red colored shirt, black shorts and black socks. Visitor jersey is generally colored black.

You can find our various teams under the Joukkueet menu on the main page, as well as the Event Calendar (Ottelukalenteri). From Toimihenkilöt menu you will find contact details of club/team officers. If would like to know more about us, please don't hesitate to be in contact!